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Here's the thing: Shaving to shape your brows isn't a bad move, and neither is shaving them all off, to be honest. If you happen to be quite attached to your eyebrows, that's cool, too. Cleaning up stray brow hairs with a razor is definitely an option, but not the only one. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know before you take a razor to your face.

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Functions[ edit ] A number of theories have been proposed to explain the function of the eyebrow in humans including that its main function is to prevent moisture, mostly salty sweat and rain, from flowing into the eye, or that clearly visible eyebrows provided safety from predators when early hominid groups started sleeping on the ground [1] Recent research, however, suggests that eyebrows in humans developed as a means of communication and that this is their primary function. Humans developed a smooth forehead with visible, hairy eyebrows capable of a wide range of movement which are able to express a wide range of subtle emotions — including recognition and sympathy. Fashion in eyebrow shape has regularly changed throughout the ages but eyebrows have always featured heavily in female fashion. These can create an outline for the brows or mimic hairs where there are sparse areas. Brow gels are also used in creating a thicker brow; they allow for the hairs to be more textured, which gives the appearance of thicker, fuller brows.

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But I suddenly began to doubt I'd find a girl who would accept me with them. I considered having them removed. I was just afraid of permanent damage. So I set my mind to it that I wasn't going to stop looking for her. Waiting for her.

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" "Why now?" Chris's voice was tinged with anger. His fingers gripped me tighter, making me wince. "Why come clean after all this time?" Dirk didn't answer but went back to the door and pulled it open.

Jolie paused in the doorway, worrying her lower lip while she looked around. Once she spotted me, she walked over with her head down and gingerly took my right hand in hers.

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But it wasn't until he ground his hard-on against my ass that I reached back and gripped the sides of his pants, my knees buckling.

He stilled. "Hands, Holly. " Swallowing hard, I raised shaky arms until my hands were behind my head.

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I wanted to hold him. comfort him so badly. The fact that I couldn't because of how he'd confined me in his drawn-out seduction was frustrating.

My verbal attempts to get his attention were drowned out by his voice as he continued. Or maybe he just chose to ignore me.

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It definitely hadn't been like this in my head. Then again, hardly anything with him went the way I expected it to. My sigh made my chest shudder, and my throat was raw from coughing and crying. Still, I tried to explain. "I was going to surprise you tomorrow with the good news.

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"What was that?" "I looked up and saw my way out of the chaos. " I gave him a smile and kissed him when he returned to me. "I have a proposition. Please, hear me out?" "Of course. " He followed me to the couch and sat down beside me.

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