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See also: Light-field camera Digital methods of image capture and display processing have enabled the new technology of "light field photography" also known as synthetic aperture photography. This process allows focusing at various depths of field to be selected after the photograph has been captured. These additional vector attributes can be captured optically through the use of microlenses at each pixel point within the 2-dimensional image sensor. Every pixel of the final image is actually a selection from each sub-array located under each microlens, as identified by a post-image capture focus algorithm. Devices other than cameras can be used to record images.

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This piece was published in a book which is very difficult to find, so I have posted my contribution below. He soon becomes hooked on film. With the hesitant support of the director of the state factory in which he works, he establishes a film club. When the film was released, the director was criticized by the anti-communist opposition for his interest in doubt: [i] the culture of dissent in late communist Poland demanded greater moral and political certainty on the part of artists.

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Here, Tooth situates the thinking behind the Guardian Camera Club, its initial aim of creating an online 'critting', or critiquing, service for keen amateurs and students of photography, and its role as part of the wider policy of open journalism at the Guardian. The practicalities of using Flickr as a submitting and discussion medium for the Guardian Camera Club show how contemporary amateur photographic practice is inflected by online community and digital sharing technologies. The Guardian Camera Club is based in the digital world - on the Guardian newspaper's website: guardian. So no, it doesn't meet in a draughty village hall once a month in a southern English shire town. Members can live anywhere in the world.

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Models manufactured from to were designed to cheat emissions tests mandated by the U. Environmental Protection Agency. Following the scandal, Volkswagen recalled millions of cars. By capturing scenes like this one, I hope we will all become more conscious of and more caring toward our beautiful planet.

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One hand held both of my wrists now. He yanked the pillow free with his other. For a moment, he did nothing-said nothing-but stare at me. Slowly, he pulled the sheet away, revealing my heaving breasts.

His tongue darted out, licking his lips as he ground his cock against me.

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His lips were so warm when they brushed mine. So tender though he pressed harder on the next pass. Then I was whimpering while he plied my mouth with his, his hands alternating between warming my cheeks and holding me to him. The only thought that remained in my head was that I cared he was back.

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Was he like the Grinch's cousin. Bringing Christmas every year instead of stealing it. When I turned on the light, I noticed tissues littered the floor around the garbage can. Clothes were overflowing the hamper since I usually did laundry on the weekends.

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A slight shift up caused the backs of his fingers to brush under my breasts. I flinched and cooed. Then he was traveling back to the middle and upwards again through the valley. I whimpered all the way only to gasp when his fingers turned outward and briefly brushed the insides of my breasts.

Beneath my back, I fisted my hands, willing myself to hang on.

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