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The word "masterpiece" gets tossed around a lot in reference to 'Mulholland Drive'. Personally, I find it a very uneven, problematic work that grasps for and occasionally reaches greatness, but also shows clear signs of the artistic decline that the filmmaker would soon plunge into. Admittedly, part of the problem may be my own cognitive inability to separate what the film is from what it almost was, or how it came into being. Even though his last feature, ' The Straight Story ', had been a financial failure, key players at parent company Disney were impressed enough by it and by the fact that noted iconoclast David Lynch could produce a mainstream-friendly movie within the studio environment that they invited him to work with the ABC network again.

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Add your rating See all 6 kid reviews. What's the story? A luscious brunette Laura Harring is about to be shot by a limo driver when a car filled with carousing teenagers slams into the limo. The brunette limps away and hides out in an apartment. She has amnesia, and when asked her name, she says "Rita," as in Rita Hayworth.

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David Lynch's clue 5 Who gives a key and why? Watch for what Diane is wearing 9. Cookie stand-in for the neighbor informs about two men from his bank Diane's dream as winding as Mulholland Dr.

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Part two: a sad illusion. Part three: love. The nightmares usually wear off. Not in the case of Mulholland Drive, though.

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Although it was useless, I clawed at the cushion under me again. Tried to dig my feet into the other end of the couch. Twice more, he alternated between touching the toy to my clit and just the outside of my swollen pussy, pulling away right when I was on the edge.

But there wasn't much relief before it started up again. Overall, it left me feeling vulnerable with no doubt that he held all the control.

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That was. whew. amazing. " Licking my lips, I crawled back up beside him. "Good.

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I will say I'm glad you ran out of the house that day to hang out at the mall. But enough is enough. You not only are letting Dirk walk all over you, he's now pulling Jolie's strings so that she's manipulating you, too. " I shivered as the water started to get cooler, but I didn't want to get out.

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