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A new report that suggests that the Hollywood star is now dating Liam Neeson. Naomi Watts has been keeping a low profile ever since she announced her separation from Liev Schreiber. She was even spotted looking happy and herself again while out and about in New York City back in December. After spending several months on her own, is Naomi dating again?

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But now, this year of TwentyBiTeen, with multiple bisexual texts appearing to haunt me on a daily basis! Bisexual characters on TV are on the rise As a recent GLAAD report suggests, bisexual representation in popular culture is on the rise — at least on television — but figures are still disproportionately low given findings that suggest at least half of the LGBTQ population in the USA identifies as bisexual. This marginal but increasing representation raises the crucial question of how bisexual identity is being conveyed. Are contemporary representations resisting these tropes, or repeating them?

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Using such anecdotal data, it appears that many skilled actresses who played gay early on in their careers ended up having highly successful careers down the road—suggesting that the roles did not negatively affect their careers. Angelina Jolie was just starting out when she starred in the made for TV movie Gia in The next year she was in the blockbuster The Ring, followed by an Oscar-nominated turn in 21 Grams and a rise to A-List status. Of course, this is cherry picking. Just as the four award-winning movies listed above cannot be seen as representative of all queer movies in the early s, the career paths of these future A-List actresses cannot be taken as the norm.

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Advertisement Is Naomi Watts still alive? Are there any death rumors? Yes, according to our best knowledge, Naomi Watts is still alive. And no, we are not aware of any death rumors.

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In this mythical Australian paradise, two gorgeous blondes named Roz Robin Wright and Liz Naomi Watts have been best friends since childhood. The duo have always had each other's back, live next door and are overjoyed when their two sons also become best friends, too. Although Liz has been widowed and Roz's marriage has been on shaky ground for some time, nothing seems to break through the tight bond the two women share. That is, until the hormones of Liz's now-grown son, Ian Xavier Samuel , go into hyperdrive and he begins a hot and heavy affair with Roz. Each day, the two friends and their two sons spend their days at the sun-drenched beach, the guys surfing while their mom's suntan their gorgeous, bikini-clad figures.

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" He removed the lid from his cup, blew on the dark liquid inside, and took a hesitant sip. "That's a deep subject to ponder. You might need another drink. Maybe two.

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