The Best Things To Do In Maui On A Short Break

Maui is one of the Hawaiian islands. It is the second largest of them all. It boasts of many attractions that ensure visitors flock from far and wide. While on a short break in Maui, here are some of the best things that you can do:

  1. Snorkeling
    Maui offers a great snorkeling experience. You can get whisked away to coastal areas of Coral Garden or to the marine conservation district. Swim and snorkel while in Maui at Turtle Town and Molokini for an adventurous time.
  2. Road To Hana
    Driving to Hana as you pass through the rain forests, waterfalls and the scenic beauty is a popular activity. See black-sand beaches, a terraformed peninsula, and lava tubes as you drive for over 50 miles.
  3. Surfing, Outrigger Canoes, And Kayaks
    Why not hang at the beach during your short break? Learn a new water skill or apply skills that you already know of. Kapalua, Ka’anapali, and Kihei are some of the places you can rent and learn skills. Both guided tours and formal lessons are available.
  4. Attend A Luau
    This ritual is a unique way for both visitors and locals coming together while in Maui. Enjoy drinks, food, and entertainment during this ritual. From simple to extravagant, the entertainment here can offer almost anything. This event is an ideal way of locals celebrating weddings, birthdays and family gatherings.
  5. Enjoy Local Cuisines
    The various cultures in Hawaii make food an enticing pursuit. Visit the favorite local spots and top restaurants to have a taste of Maui’s delicacies.
  6. Art And Culture In Maui
    There are many celebrations and festivals that happen every year in Maui. Halloween stands out of them all. Wailuku’s First Friday event, Obon Festival and the Maui County Fair are some of the events you can also engage in.

There are many destinations that you can visit while in Maui for a short break. The activities you can indulge in will definitely be memorable. You do not have to worry about not having much time while in Maui, there’s something for you on your short break.

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