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The LUV’NV  is a privately owned blog for entertainment use only and is in no way associated with Stephenie Meyer, Little Brown Publishing, Summit Entertainment, or any other publishing house or company. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, plots, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters, plots, and details of the fan fiction and books featured on The LUV’NV belong to the authors. No copyright infringement is intended.

— Our Disclosure Statement —The Federal Trade Commission has mandated that bloggers disclose if they are being paid or compensated for their posts. Unlike blogging, writing stories, and sharing reviews, writing a full disclosure statement is not fun. It’s nerve-wracking and a little maddening, and in order to avoid the $11,000 violation fine, we have attempted to write a full disclosure. 

The LUV’NV does not receive monetary gain for posts, book reviews, and word-of-mouth advertising, whether it be with blog tours, in our Tweets, and on Facebook. The LUV’NV is a privately owned site run and edited by a collaborative effort of volunteers, who simply love reading and writing, like contributing and interacting with authors and the fandom, and enjoy sharing good stories. 

Sometimes we recommend products you can purchase. The LUV’NV is an Amazon affiliate. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our Amazon links, we will receive a tiny percentage of the purchase price, including purchases made while on Amazon to which we directly did not link.

If by some lucky happenstance, any one of our visitors clicks away and makes an Amazon purchase and The LUV’NV does make a profit, we will use the money to fund future giveaways—always. Hosting fees, site maintenance, and most of the books reviewed, even a few our current giveaways, are paid out of our site creator’s pocket.

The books we do receive from publishers or authors come with the expectation of a review, and at the end of each of those reviews, we state through which site and by which publisher and/or author the book was provided. If we accept or request your book to review, trust that we will tell you and our readers what we think, without hate and hurtful comments. Providing fair, quality, unbiased content is our first priority, always has been and will be.

Any advertisements you might see on the blog does not mean we endorse it and expect you to click on it or buy the item. We simply like the book and think you might, too. If every single one of our readers want to buy a Kindle along with a library of ebooks to fill it after clicking on one of our Amazon links, we will all rejoice and blog about it because that means awesome giveaways.

Bottom line: We never get paid for a review, and we will always have our blog readers and featured authors in mind. 

Here’s full disclosure for you:

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