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Author: bob fc With the onset of puberty, hair stated to grow on my body which had previously been completely bald. As I got older, hair grew around my groin and armpits and eventually on my chest. But it didn't stop there it grew everywhere. Ever since I was 13, I'd always liked the way the hair looked and felt, especially when I played with myself.

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Not that time. You surprised me at being so open to everything I did or suggested. Especially the spanking. And then I couldn't stop. I was weak and had to have you completely.

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Little had I known what had awaited me at the mall. In the bedroom. We'd come so far in eleven months. I'd learned to let go with Chris. To embrace the pleasures he introduced to me.

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It was like a job fair, except instead of various employers, each station was set up with one of the possible areas of study you could get a degree in. Everything from trade work all the way up to a doctorate.

Each booth had brochures from the schools that offered the necessary classes to reach your goal. What you could do with each degree.

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Licking over and around each of them in turn before moving on to the rods connecting each set. Then I repeated the process by pressing my lips to each ball and the skin covering each bar.

Jaw clenched and eyes bright, he swallowed hard three times, his Adam's apple bouncing like a buoy on the water. His fingers twisted tighter in my hair.

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I lay there in the darkness, hugging the blanket I'd bunched up at my stomach tighter. But that only brought more tears. Yes, I had a confirmed good-ole case of the winter cold that just would not go away. I'd started sniffling and coughing almost two weeks ago after my thirtieth birthday celebration (which had consisted of just the two of us, a bottle of chocolate sauce, a container of whipped topping, my little toy box, and the kitchen island).

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" Usually, I enjoyed Chris weighting me down. His body always felt good on mine. Made me feel safe and warm. But right now, I think he needed to feel that himself.

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