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How would I like to die? His instantly-recognizable baritone graced nine albums with his bands Type O Negative and Carnivore. As did his rusty, fuzzy bass tone, which seemed to represent the man himself: big, soulful, and unfiltered. And in his lyrics, the giant was revealed to be gentle, wounded but smirking, and a little paranoid.

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As the news media struggle to find equilibrium in an era of increased competition and decreased trust, we have some lessons that defy current conventional wisdom. The most important is that newspapers—yes, old, print-based, non-digital, non-instantaneous, sos newspapers—still matter enormously. The other is that the outlet best equipped to provide instant news, the cable channel—and CNN in particular—has become a massive failure, especially under the control of Time-Warner. Does CNN really have no shame anymore? The day that Britney Spears shaved her head, the story seemed to be in a 6-minute rotation, lest inquiring minds somehow missed this irrelevant flotsam.

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This plus the fact that I'm looking at a web developer's website made me think twice about what he had to say without even having read it. Edit: having read this, the guy sounds like a hack. While I don't use Tumblr myself, the author makes a lot of baseless assumptions about Tumblr's systems as if they were fact. For all he or we know, there might be good technical reasons why things aren't aligned with his own blogging nirvana. Edit 2: Wow, bashing them for having their picture taken with a celebrity you don't like?

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No matter what it is. I swear-" "I had a miscarriage. " The words just kind of fell out. I had contemplated for the last three days how I would tell him.

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Salty from precum already. Gently, I hefted his balls and fondled them between my fingers and thumb. That made him groan. I closed my own eyes and teased his slit with the tip of my tongue.

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