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Healthy eating helps: Your body and brain get the energy you need to think and be physically active Your body get the essential vitamins and minerals you need to stay alive and healthy. For example, your body needs iron to help deliver oxygen to all of your muscles and organs. Vitamin C helps your body make new skin cells and collagen. Vitamin A helps you see better at night.

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Check out what's clicking on Foxnews. Audra Bear, 25, has had a lifelong interest in health and healing and has tried various diets over the years in an attempt to achieve optimum health. Having read stories about people following a pranic and breatharian lifestyle, Bear was intrigued but never thought she would be able to do it herself as she used to love eating food. But eight months ago, things started to change for her when she discovered fasting and breathing to receive energy and nourishment as part of a pranic lifestyle, despite there being no scientific evidence that it works. Bear started by practicing breathwork for 40 minutes a day and after five days claims she no longer had a hunger for dense foods and her first fast lasted 97 days where she consumed only teas, juices and smoothies.

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I was still awake an hour later when the light went off. When the apartment went back to its silent watch for the night. It was the same routine on Sunday. Chris was gone by morning, his bedding neatly folded on the ottoman. Where he'd gone, I had no clue.

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I tried to hide my contempt now, but I must have failed because he flinched. "I have been an asshole to you, plain and simple," Dirk shrugged. "I know it probably doesn't mean much, but I'm sorry. " The words 'too little, too late,' came to mind, but I kept my mouth shut.

Partly because I was stunned he was finally admitting he'd wronged me, and I didn't want him to take it back.

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I was half asleep from the latter by the time he cuddled with me under the covers, his body folded behind mine and the blankets tucked all around us. Each time I started coughing and sniffling, he hushed me. Rocked me. Kissed my damp hair. At some point, I got turned around and snuggled closer to him.

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"That's a deep subject to ponder. You might need another drink. Maybe two. " I copied him and finally lifted my eyes back to his. "What had you wanted to do.

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I shoved at him, and we rolled back and forth with me on top then him. I ended up in the original position but with my hands held over my head on the mattress, the pillow pressed lengthwise between us. Below it, though, I could feel his erection pressing at my thighs, which had been bared in our tussling. I struggled to free my hands, but his grip tightened.

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Beneath him, my body continued shaking from my sudden release. The headboard creaked and groaned from the force of my hands yanking on the rope. He didn't let up. If anything, his moves were rougher. Then he grabbed both of my hips and yanked me up onto my knees.

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