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Dihan, 6, has cut down to just four cigarettes a day from his usual two packs a day. And his parents are proud. Until just a few months ago, Dihan was smoking up to two packs of cigarettes a day, but he has managed to cut down. Dihan is six and has been smoking for years.

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Photos of little Ardi Rizal, nine, smoking at age two shocked the world Image: Barcroft Media Get the biggest daily news stories by email Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A two-year-old baby who shocked the world with his a-day smoking habit has transformed his lifestyle at age nine - after now ditching his junk food addiction. Pictures of Indonesian toddler Ardi Rizal chainsmoking back in - when he was seen puffing away while riding his little toy truck - gained headlines worlwide. It soon emerged that his father had given him his first cigarette when he was only months-old - and the little lad would have tantrums if his addiction wasn't fed. The ensuing outrage prompted a number of organisations to intervene - and little Ardi has since managed to kick the habit and turn his life around. But it's been far from easy for him - as he developed an addiction to junk food by age five which replaced his nicotine habit and led him to pile on the weight.

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He smokes about 40 cigarettes a day and takes puffs in between cups of coffee. Just before bedtime, he has to have a stick too. Indonesian Rapi Ananda Pamungka is only two years old but he has already made international headlines for his chain-smoking habits. The toddler, who lives in Sukabumi province in west Java, has been smoking for about a month, often going through two packs a day. According to local news website Sukabumi Update, Rapi became addicted to smoking after he picked up used cigarette butts off the floor.

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Specifically for not saying anything to you when he realized who you were. And if Jolie knew all this time. Well, let's assume she hasn't and just leave it at Dirk is a dick. " "I hear a but," I mumbled, closing my eyes.

"Because there is.

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And down onto his cock. I screamed at the sudden penetration. His groan of approval was muted by his mouth pressing to my back. And then we were moaning together, his hands fondling my breasts while my arms hung limply over his at my sides and he bounced me on his lap.

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"Dirk didn't say anything, and neither did you. So you're both at fault. He has apparently brushed it off. You've allowed him to get under your skin and fester.

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You not only are letting Dirk walk all over you, he's now pulling Jolie's strings so that she's manipulating you, too. " I shivered as the water started to get cooler, but I didn't want to get out. Not yet. "What did Jolie say to you earlier?" Chris was quiet for a few minutes, lightly dragging his fingers up and down my arm which shivered even more from the trickles of water he left behind.

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My heart thudded in my chest each time he slid home. The balls and bars on the underside of his shaft dragged back and forth over the bottom ridge of my entrance in rapid succession. The ring and ball on top ground against my G-spot. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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"Why not ask me if I was into a guy with piercings before you took me to bed?" "I was enamored from the start. Swore I couldn't mess up this time. I was still mulling over how to broach the subject when we met for coffee, but then your mom called.

My only concern became easing your pain. I did what I'd been raised to do by my parents and the Bradleys.

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"Thank you for being so concerned for me, honey. " He kissed me soundly then pulled back. His weight shifted until he was sitting on my thighs, my legs pinned together beneath him and his cock between us. One hand held both of my wrists now.

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