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While scrutinizing a feed of Kate Middleton pictures, her legs even-toned in what has been well-documented as super sheer and totally imperceptible flesh-colored tights, I find myself backtracking entire decades to answer this question. At a junior high band concert? My first homecoming dance? If the only thing standing between me and the same air brushed results is a thin layer of fabric no one can see, why I am I holding back?

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Ma used to see my vagina bleed, she never did anything. I was 7 then. I am 20 now. Till you moved out? Every day?

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And if a Victoria's Secret can't show off with witty repartee or a vertiginous IQ, they should surely be able to flaunt their vital statistics With that in mind, Miranda Kerr had her long, long, long and slender legs on show despite the chilly Hollywood day as she attended a meeting at the legendary Sunset Tower on Sunset Boulevard. Mellow yellow: Miranda Kerr was a ray of sunshine in a yellow blazer as she shopped at Whole Foods in West Hollywood Friday And she ensured her lengthy limbs looked even longer by wearing nude heels. She also donned a yellow blazer that transformed into a walking ray of sunshine. But Miranda has much to shine about.

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The singer was snapped sporting a very naughty cap featuring a logo of a naked woman with her legs wide open when she landed at Heathrow Airport on Thursday. Arriving in London yesterday, she appeared to be trying to keep it low-key as she dressed down for the flight. Wearing a grey hoodie with black jeans, she kept the explicit baseball cap pulled down over her face. The Hot Right Now singer looked absorbed in checking her phone, as she pushed her trolley of designer bags from the busy terminal.

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This time around, though, the crew approached men, too, asking them to drop their pants for a new video series, ''Guys Gone Wild,'' a product of uncertain market appeal that will be introduced as an experiment this summer. Why not? He mooned the camera in a hotel hallway but asked that his last name not be used, explaining that being naked on tape could come back to haunt him. Still, he said, ''It's pretty cool.

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Signed model release held by Fotolia Keywords: ["attractive","background","beautiful","beauty","bright","close-up","closeup","colorful","concept","cosmetic","cosmetic products","erotic","fashion","female","girl","glamour","glossy","hold","lie","lipgloss","lipstick","luxury","macro","make","make-up","makeup","makeup tools","model","open","pink","product","red","red lipstick","seductive","sensual","sensual woman","sex","sexy","shine","up","white","women"] See all keywords Search Available in JPEG format, this image may be downloaded for all kinds of professional uses and in different resolutions up to 7, x 4, pixels in DPI The author of this picture, Expensive also has images featuring the same model and 11 images in the same series. Same Series See 11 photos from the same series Golden tongue. Oral caress. Woman concept. Expensive cosmetics.

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"I don't want to. " I waved my hand at the face I could feel breathing on my neck. My palm made contact with a forehead, and I pushed it away with my fingertips. "Leave me alone, Mom.

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" I raised my eyebrows and checked the clock again. "Already?" "You wouldn't believe how cutthroat people can be on this day. And I'm not just talking about the women.

" Chris had been right.

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Maybe having kids. I didn't think either were possible with my current position. If I didn't get offered the promotion, did I want to stay at the gym and keep living month-to-month. Paying rent.

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But I soon found myself squatting in the tub. Crying with my arms wrapped around my legs. Unsure what thought of hundreds spiraling in my head like the water going down the drain had set me off. The water had already been running cold for a minute or two when the shower curtain was slowly pulled back.

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That the slightest nuance in his touch can produce a different sound from you. " Down in the valley between my breasts went his fingers, tracing the V-shape he'd created in the way he'd bound me.

My pussy spasmed, and I whined softly. He continued down to the bottom horizontal ropes and repeated what he had done above.

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