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Tweet Screenshot via Metro Summer is: rubbing a Solero across your forehead and down the hollow of your chest. Summer is: the faint sound of your shorts tearing away from your skin as you stand. Summer: the trickle of sweat from the nape of your knee down to your ankle. Or: summer is using a violent motion with every limb of your body to furiously throw your duvet into the air.

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I called two girls hipsters and got slapped. Apparently the correct term is "conjoined twins". This joke may contain profanity. He told her "You're supposed to use butter, not oil.

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Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get the biggest daily news stories by email Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A snubbed boyfriend cheated on his grumpy girlfriend with a hot stranger - live on kiss cam. As the camera picked out the warring couple in the crowd, the grumpy girlfriend was fuming after her boyfriend leaned in for a snog. But rather than just telling him to get lost, the girlfriend loses her temper and lands a huge slap right across her partner's cheek. He then tries to pacify her with a cuddly toy - which she throws into the crowd, before pouring a drink over his head.

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Answering them, even in my head. Afraid of what they'd reveal about myself. I whimpered again, not sure if it was from my thoughts or the fact that his eyes suddenly opened and were blazing with desire while he looked down at me again.

"Although you couldn't know the extent of the answer about the piercings, it was enough to see you didn't seem disgusted.

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Crawling out of bed, I cracked the door open. Chris was singing 'Jingle Bell Rock' in the kitchen. I quietly secured the door and leaned my back against it, sighing and shaking my head. He'd done it again.

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Hopefully, my gigs doing temp work all the time will change. " When he leaned forward again, I raised my head. Our lips met while he cupped my left breast and stroked his thumb over the tortured peak. We moaned into each other's mouths.

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I lay there in the darkness, hugging the blanket I'd bunched up at my stomach tighter. But that only brought more tears. Yes, I had a confirmed good-ole case of the winter cold that just would not go away. I'd started sniffling and coughing almost two weeks ago after my thirtieth birthday celebration (which had consisted of just the two of us, a bottle of chocolate sauce, a container of whipped topping, my little toy box, and the kitchen island).

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" He twisted his hand, grasped my fingers, and brought them to his lips. "Don't ever be afraid to tell me anything.

Please. Good news, bad news, whatever. " I nodded and managed to smile up at him, the first time I'd done so in probably a week.

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" Chris let out a shaky exhale. "Because while I had once enjoyed being a Dominant partner, I was now. nothing. A piece of me had been lost, and I wanted it back. " His thumb stroked my wrists now, which caused a low moan to creep up my throat.

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I know we were both drunk. We had a good time. I was late for work the next morning and left in a rush. That's about it.

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