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She told me to always play nice especially with girls…. I never listened to mom. Beating Paula will be fun and another win in my already memorable career," said McCord, who, like Riggs, is known as much for his bluster as for his play. You mean the CBS golf commentator?

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The event will raise money for the Make-A-Wish New Jersey, an organization that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. So let the trash talking begin. She told me to always play nice, especially with girls … I never listened to mom. You mean the CBS golf commentator? Back to the original BOTS, after doing research on Bobby Riggs, I found out that he was a well-known golf and tennis hustler and made a living by placing bets on himself to win matches against others, apparently better players.

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Battle of the Sexes Golf Debate: Do girlsgolfbetter or do boysgolfbetter? Forsgate Country Club will host head-to-head stroke play on its premier Banks Course and has called in David Feherty to add his colorful, irreverent analysis to this quirky golf match-up between a year old who went 0 for in PGA Tour event wins and a girl more than half his age who is a major tournament winner currently ranked thirteenth in the world. Feherty remarked, "Battle of the Sexes? It's more like Beauty versus the Beast.

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But for whatever reason, you decided you needed to hijack my day. Then to top it all off, you had to ruin that meal, too!" Chris hugged me when I turned and leaned my head against his chest, suddenly feeling exhausted.

His lips pressed against the top of my head, and one hand stroked my hair. The more steady beat of his heart beneath my ear was calming, breaking through the pounding of my own in my head.

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"Holly McGregor, will you marry me and be my Mrs. Holly Berry for the rest of my life?" I sniffed back a tear, and my eyes widened. Of all the things I thought I'd say if he proposed, I probably surprised both of us when I blurted, "The turkey!" Chris chuckled, grappling at me as I tried to climb off the bed. "Whoa.

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"I hear you, honey. All admirable wishes. " Returning to eating, I nodded to the mall and asked between bites, "How long have you done this?" "The survey thing. Three years now on Black Friday. Last year was the first for the week before Christmas.

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