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While her freind was comforting her she realized how good he was to her all this time and decided to repay the kindness. She kissed him and let him undress her, fondling her tiny tits and licking her already hard nipples. After the girl got fully naked, she went down on her knees undressed him and pulled his huge, hard cock out. It amazed her how big it is and she immediately took the head in her mouth. The hot naked teen quickly took it as deep as possible, slobbering all over the shaft, deepthroating and choking on it losing breath.

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I didn't realize they were even still in the box. Chris had always said he only wanted to bring me pleasure. But would he try to push the line with something he thought would achieve that same goal. I shot my eyes up to his and opened my mouth.

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But I suddenly began to doubt I'd find a girl who would accept me with them. I considered having them removed. I was just afraid of permanent damage. So I set my mind to it that I wasn't going to stop looking for her.

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The sensation had been borderline painful for me when he'd used them before. I'd been too scared to want to try again. I didn't realize they were even still in the box.

Chris had always said he only wanted to bring me pleasure.

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That call we'd ignored last night had been from Jolie. She'd followed up later with a text that she had something to talk to me about, and could we please meet around eleven-thirty at the apartment. Thankfully, I hadn't seen it until this morning when I'd gotten up.

I couldn't deny that it was the perfect opportunity to talk to her, as well.

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At him. My favorite time was when he was sleeping. He was always so peaceful, unlike when I twisted about and talked while dreaming. Especially, when my dreams were about sex. We continued watching each other, our breathing settling to an even pace.

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Neither of us spoke. We kissed. We fondled. We made love.

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