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Coralie Chevallier In contrast with tribal and archaic religions, world religions are characterized by a unique emphasis on extended prosociality, restricted sociosexuality, delayed gratification and the belief that these specific behaviours are sanctioned by some kind of supernatural justice. Here, we draw on recent advances in life history theory to explain this pattern of seemingly unrelated features. Life history theory examines how organisms adaptively allocate resources in the face of trade-offs between different life-goals e. This ecological approach also explains the diffusion pattern of world religions: why they emerged late in human history — BCE , why they are currently in decline in the most affluent societies and why they persist in some places despite this overall decline.

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Ancient China[ edit ] Received Chinese historiography about ancient China was edited heavily by Confucian scholars in the 4th century BCE, who aimed to show that the dynastic system of government extended as far back into the past as possible. One exception is Biographies of Exemplary Women , compiled in the 1st century BCE as a collection of cautionary tales for men, highlighting the advantages of virtuous women, as well as the dangers posed by loose ones. Neolithic society in China is perceived to be matrilineal , with patrilineal societies becoming dominant later with the rise of pastoralism and the first social division of labor. This originates from Marxist theories of historical materialism , which argue that social structure is determined by the economy.

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Two of these travelers, Rifa'ah al-Tahtawi and Muhammad sl-Saffar, show their surprise that the French sometimes deliberately mis-translated love poetry about a young boy, instead referring to a young female, to maintain their social norms and morals. The prevailing pattern of same-sex relationships in the temperate and sub-tropical zone stretching from Northern India to the Western Sahara is one in which the relationships were—and are—either gender-structured or age-structured or both. In recent years, egalitarian relationships modeled on the western pattern have become more frequent, though they remain rare. Same-sex intercourse officially carries the death penalty in several Muslim nations: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mauritania , northern Nigeria , Sudan , and Yemen.

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My whole body trembled now, and I whimpered. "Shh. " His hands swept my hair over my left shoulder before his lips brushed higher up at the base of my neck. Fingers pressed harder into my hips while thumbs stroked the skin on my backside.

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How did I tell him that the chaos inside my apartment was of my own doing because I'd failed to stand up for myself the very first time I was confronted with my past. That once more, instead of handling the situation, I'd tucked my tail like a coward and tried to disappear. He regarded me for a moment longer then helped me stand, walking me into the lobby before wrapping me into his coat. His lips were so warm when they brushed mine.

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"I really am sorry. " My hand shook when I took it from him. Even more when I realized it was a check. I opened it and blinked several times.

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