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Valerie Hotzfeld, NV9L. Their decision must have been a tough one, as I am certain the other nominees have done an outstanding job representing this hobby too. I would also like to thank those who mentored me throughout my different learning phases of this hobby. Not only has Amateur Radio been a life-changing experience for me, there are so many helpful hams in this hobby that it just feels natural to give back.

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She is a call girl who suffers from multiple personality disorder, which interferes with her job. Amateur Surgeon Valerie calls out to Alan and Dr. Bleed from across the alley and demands help for her personality disorder. Alan's Description Patient appears to be some sort of call-girl who claims to suffer from multiple personalities. By the looks of her, at least one of them is a dude.

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I was happy to include the two of you, even though you could have had your specialized dinner at your own place, Dirk. But for whatever reason, you decided you needed to hijack my day. Then to top it all off, you had to ruin that meal, too!" Chris hugged me when I turned and leaned my head against his chest, suddenly feeling exhausted. His lips pressed against the top of my head, and one hand stroked my hair. The more steady beat of his heart beneath my ear was calming, breaking through the pounding of my own in my head.

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I stayed true to my girl. Thought she was doing the same with me despite what her friends were doing. Then one day, I swung by our shared apartment over the studio before I headed to my second job. " I tried to read the emotions in his eyes, but they were dark and clouded now. Gazing somewhere off to the side of the bed.

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Me letting him. And Jolie none the wiser. I didn't sleep well that night due to the usual, boisterous theatrics of the oblivious couple in the next room. Add to that the absence of my parents, boyfriend, and favorite holiday dinner.

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And he lived less than an hour away in one of the suburbs. When I first met him, he had his basement all set up for meetings. They were nothing like the ones I was used to going to here.

His included mini-seminars with proper techniques and always ended with the couples practicing whatever had been discussed.

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" "I can't even begin to imagine the pressure. " "I had ideas about what I wanted to be. when I grew up. " His smile reached up to his eyes, which were bright and looking somewhere over my shoulder.

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And we were still outside. After a commute twice as long as usual to get here due to the traffic, we walked about half-a-mile from where we'd parked.

My cheeks felt chapped from the crisp wind after only a few feet. Inside, chaos didn't even begin to describe the scene. I just stared for a minute, gawking.

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" He mumbled something against my skin that sounded like a warning not to make promises I couldn't keep before resuming. I just sighed, unable to resist the wave of pleasure drifting over me. After a long moment of nuzzling and licking on his end which had us both moaning, he rested his chin in the valley between my breasts and sighed as well.

"I dated a girl who worked in a tattoo parlor. Her group of friends embraced the punk rock style.

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I'd started sniffling and coughing almost two weeks ago after my thirtieth birthday celebration (which had consisted of just the two of us, a bottle of chocolate sauce, a container of whipped topping, my little toy box, and the kitchen island).

But there was more to my current demeanor. More that Chris didn't know about. My trip to the doctor three days ago had been two-fold: I'd wanted to check out the consistent rasp in my breathing; and I was scheduled to have my first ultrasound. Except that the technician couldn't find a heartbeat.

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I wouldn't believe me, either. " I tried to swallow around the growing lump in my throat. Everything I had planned to say to Jolie-to Dirk if he was present-just slipped away. Chris's hand cupped my hip before his body pressed against my back. Giving me stability.

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