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Now, if the Foreperson would please read the sentence of the jury. The judge then explained that if this had been traditional district court, s he could have received up to 60 days in a juvenile justice facility for committing a Class 2 Misdemeanor. Cases are referred by law enforcement, school resource officers, judges and court counselors. Sessions in Teen Court are structured to resemble traditional district court as much as possible.

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Clean graffiti off the bathroom walls. Assist the basketball coach and team. Paint the bleachers. For the length of the three-year study, schools were randomly assigned to either a control or an experimental group, and results indicate that the Youth Court Project reduced violent behavior, bullying, rejection by friends and anxiety.

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In fact, almost 1. Department of Justice Juvenile detain- ment also exacerbates poor mental health, increasing the risk of self-harm Holman and Ziedenberg and sui- cide; youth in juvenile detention facilities are almost three times more likely to commit suicide compared to youth in the general population Gallagher and Dobrin A number of Teen Court evaluation studies exist, however, considerable het- erogeneity across Teen Court programs suggests the need to more closely examine the program components i.

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Court structure[ edit ] Teen courts are staffed by youth volunteers who serve in various capacities within the program, trained and acting in the roles of jurors , lawyers , bailiffs , and clerks. Most teen courts are sentencing courts in which the offender has already admitted guilt or pleaded no contest. Many teen courts operate much like a traditional court , holding hearings before a judge and jury with the jury deliberating to determine an appropriate disposition. Other courts employ different structures, such as a judge-panel model which includes a panel of 3 to 6 youth judges who collectively hear, deliberate, and sentence the offender.

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