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Don't stress about the size of what should be your favorite body part. By Lisa Fogarty Nov 16, Getty Since the dawn of time, men have been comparing penis sizes for sport and, cough, reminding themselves that size doesn't always matter. Women aren't immune to comparisons — one in seven, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists , has actually considered getting the lips of her vagina surgically trimmed. Does the size of that matter? I recently discovered I have a small clitoris, after interviewing a famous gynecologist about the mysterious clitoris and begging her to take a quick peek at mine.

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Some clitorises are prone to adhesions because of the way they're structured, Dr. Rubin says. What happens is sweat, skin cells, and bacteria build up around the clitoris and cause inflammation, she says. Hygiene is also key to preventing these adhesions from happening in the first place, says Patti Britton , PhD, MPH, a clinical sexologist.

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Will is gone until Sunday, so I'm taking you to my place just in case your roommate doesn't heed my warning. " I nodded, remembering his temporary roommate he'd acquired this summer: his cousin. Will had gotten out of rehab and was staying with Chris while he studied for his GED.

It was only a one-bedroom apartment, but there was a large alcove in the living room that Chris had set up divider screens around to hide a futon and a small chest of drawers for Will's privacy.

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"Thank you for being so concerned for me, honey. " He kissed me soundly then pulled back. His weight shifted until he was sitting on my thighs, my legs pinned together beneath him and his cock between us.

One hand held both of my wrists now.

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His touch. They didn't help this time. I was just. miserable.

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I writhed a little under him. Felt his cock twitch against my legs. My pussy throb in response. But I bit my lip, wanting to let him finish. "I reached out for help from someone I knew in the local group.

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Spoken to me directly. We hadn't done much talking that night in the hotel, and I'd made myself scarce this past year when they were in the apartment. I tried to hide my contempt now, but I must have failed because he flinched. "I have been an asshole to you, plain and simple," Dirk shrugged.

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Will had passed his GED the first week of December. When we'd talked to him about the plans for the living situation and Chris said his lease was up at the end of the year, Will had insisted on moving out.

Since then, he'd talked to his parents and arranged to stay in a room above their garage. The timing about the baby was both right and wrong. Awkward.

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Go back to work next year. Apparently, Chris had other plans. It was déjà vu waking to the smell of turkey. The sounds of Christmas music.

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" He kissed me and hugged me tight then tucked my head under his chin while he stroked my hair. "Thank you. for your thank you. " Sighing softly, I smoothed my hand over his chest.

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