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Holly even gets to fuck her gape with those hard long nipples as do I. So happy we got to anally abuse Proxy the day before she moved to Europe! Click here to join now to watch this scene and many more! In this scene Dirtygardengirl and Prolapse Queen show them how to finger and lick their sweet prolapses as they mash them together!

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"Oh, God, Holly. Mmm. That was. whew. amazing.

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When I turned on the light, I noticed tissues littered the floor around the garbage can. Clothes were overflowing the hamper since I usually did laundry on the weekends. And then there was my reflection in the mirror.

Blotchy skin, hair that looked like I'd been sleeping in a bush not on my bed, and my nose was so red, I was surprised it wasn't signaling Santa. I could imagine my breath would be similar to having eaten an onion.

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The ring and ball grazed against my palate with his sudden yank downward. I moaned and pressed my forearms on his thighs to keep him from thrusting any deeper. With my whole hand wrapped around him now, I stroked harder.

"Fuck, Holly," he panted. His fingers flexed again then loosened a little.

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The feelings only increased the deeper I breathed. He retrieved something else from the box. For several long seconds, he just held his fist up, apparently making sure my eyes were on it. Suddenly, he loosened his grip, and a narrow chain fell tinkling down with two tiny rubber-tipped clamps swinging back and forth over my chest.

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" I hummed and twisted my hand, keeping the friction to a minimum. He moaned deeper and rubbed his fingertips against my scalp. It was like a mutual massage for a couple of minutes while I continued to suck gently on the head of his cock. Switching tactics, I circled my right thumb and first two fingers around him then stroked just under the head while I paid homage to his balls.

Licking, sucking, and kneading gently.

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I hadn't counted on you always being here. And you completely ignored me. I can't think of a worse feeling than being invisible in your own home. You can tell yourself whatever reasons you want for why you acted the way you have if it helps you sleep at night.

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Silently, I begged him to please touch me like I needed. He'd known for months now just what to do when I was unable to speak my desires for whatever reason. Just a few quick thrusts could ease the ache. for both of us. Because I could see from the sweat on his forehead and the overly-defined muscles in his arms, he was straining to maintain control.

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A familiar clicking sound had me jerking my head up. Then I yelped at a harder smack on my ass. "You disobeyed. " At my frustrated cry, he shushed me. "I'm not denying you, honey.

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