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Dog Catcher.. Annie, Oliver Warbucks, F. Instagram: gilgameshtaggett Facebook: ActorGilgameshTaggett www. Originally from ND. She spends time enrolled in jazz, tap, ballet, and voice classes.

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Tweet All photos Dustin Chambers Atlanta is often an unapologetic caricature of itself, fully embracing an identity as both an internationally revered hip-hop mecca and a regional safe haven for Confederate flag-phobic, civilized folks. The traffic does thicken closer to the heart of the city, but reactionary road rage may be easily pacified flipping between one of the two very legit classic rap stations, OG It's an ATL-official language rule to address more than one person with the gender-neutral "y'all. Atlanta, despite its home in the country's stereotypically conservative and sometimes-backward Southeast pocket, boasts remarkable inclusivity.

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That alternate world I'd felt like I was in earlier. It had moved into this room. There was only Chris and I. Nothing else-no one else-existed.

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" "Why now?" Chris's voice was tinged with anger. His fingers gripped me tighter, making me wince. "Why come clean after all this time?" Dirk didn't answer but went back to the door and pulled it open.

Jolie paused in the doorway, worrying her lower lip while she looked around.

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I longed for him to hold me. But at the same time, I felt ashamed that I couldn't find the heart to tell him the truth. I was still awake an hour later when the light went off. When the apartment went back to its silent watch for the night. It was the same routine on Sunday.

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I did shake my head then. Two peas in a pod, they were. I stepped away from my boyfriend and took a deep breath.

"One last thing. " Chris raised his eyebrows.

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They were sure there was a girl out there who would accept me for who I was, flaws and all the bling included. " He gave me a soft smile when he tilted his head back and looked up at me. "It was almost five years since I had been intimate with anyone when I met you, Holly. I haven't had a doubt since. " When I turned my head this time, he let me.

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Him silently rubbing it in my face with his mere presence that he'd gotten one up on me, coming and going as he pleased. Me letting him. And Jolie none the wiser. I didn't sleep well that night due to the usual, boisterous theatrics of the oblivious couple in the next room. Add to that the absence of my parents, boyfriend, and favorite holiday dinner.

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