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"Come on," the voice urged. "I don't want to. " I waved my hand at the face I could feel breathing on my neck. My palm made contact with a forehead, and I pushed it away with my fingertips. "Leave me alone, Mom.

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"Please don't do this because I was pregnant. Or Jolie got engaged. Or-" "All that is only coincidence, honey. The necklace was a last minute gift I saw yesterday.

I hadn't had the chance to wrap it yet.

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"Whatever has come over you?" I was too numb to do anything but shiver, my teeth chattering. He carried me to my room. Pulled a sweatshirt and sweatpants on me. Sat behind me on the bed and carefully combed out my hair.

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His mouth. Yet, if he did increase the pressure, I feared I would come. and then I'd be disciplined, which meant no release again for an indefinite amount of time. There was no way for me to win. So I closed my eyes and tried to settle in for the long haul, hoping for the best.

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Surely he could have said 'no' and stopped it. But he apparently hadn't. "Did she abuse you. Threaten you. Blackmail you or something.

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