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I started to pull away, but Chris tightened his arms and whispered in my ear to relax. Then he released me. "Where's Jolie?" My voice was no longer shaky, but the same couldn't be said for my knees. I gripped the edge of the island's countertop with my left hand.

"She's in the hall.

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He brushed my hair off my face. "Feeling better?" "Absolutely. " I kissed him when he lowered his lips to mine, and then I got up again and pulled on fresh pair of panties. I grabbed my jeans and sat on the edge of the bed. "Is it the same spot as last year?" "It should be.

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I choked back a sob from the relief that I wouldn't have to do it now. That the truth was bearable. He was more like me than I'd imagined.

Fragile at the core but with a tough outer shell.

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I was still panting when he moved his mouth to kiss me in the valley between my breasts. And when he continued to speak while placing soft kisses all over my breasts, using his free hand to push up the flesh.

"I finished my four years and got my degree. Worked part time at the nursery while I subbed after that.

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" I gasped at his fingers on my hip now. Stroking my waist. I licked my lips. "Why not ask me if I was into a guy with piercings before you took me to bed?" "I was enamored from the start.

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