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Preventing hair loss in cats Why does cat hair fall out? Cats need to adapt to different temperatures precipitated by the changing of seasons. They do so by shedding in the springtime, although indoor cats may moult throughout the year. It is important to know that this natural shedding is not abnormal.

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The easiest such cause to rule out is a flea infestation. If live fleas or flea dirt are seen in the coat, then the answer is obvious. If fleas are not seen in the coat, one cannot assume there are no fleas to be found particularly if the lower back is one of the balding areas. Cats are very efficient groomers and can lick away all traces of fleas so we may need to go by the pattern of hair loss lumbar, possibly including scabbing around the neck , seasonality of the hair loss, and response to flea control.

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Email Thinkstock Cats have a reputation for being precise self-groomers who can sometimes go overboard with their fastidious preening. Common Culprits: Fleas and Food Allergies Significant hair loss in one spot may indicate an external parasite — mites, ticks or fleas, in particular — or a fungal infection, such as ringworm. Once skin scrapes or blood samples are tested, a veterinarian can usually confirm the cause and treat the diagnosed condition with the right medication. If it's a diagnosed food allergy that's causing the excessive grooming, the problem can be addressed with dietary adjustments, such as a veterinarian-prescribed hypoallergenic diet. In some cases, a cat may also be trying to get at a source of pain caused by an internal problem, including kidney stones.

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Occasionally, clients will notice clumps of hair in his normal hangout spots, or you might notice a sudden increase in hairballs. Hair loss from any cause is called alopecia. In order to solve the problem of alopecia, we need to determine, if possible, the cause of the problem. A very common reason for cats to pull out their hair, especially around the base of the tail, is allergy to fleabites.

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In cats they are sometimes even referred to as miliary dermatitis. Hot spots can happen to any cat, but cats with fleas or a history of allergies are more prone to developing a hot spot. Cats with long, thick coats may also be more prone to developing a hot spot. Signs Of A Cat With A Hot Spot When a cat comes into my hospital showing hair loss or hair being matted to the skin, along with the skin being very red from inflammation and fluid oozing from the skin infection, I suspect a hot spot. The matted fur may prevent you from seeing just how big the hot spot is.

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Genetic conditions Ringworm infections Unlike a parasite, ringworm is a fungal infection that causes circular lesions on the skin, where the hair will thin or disappear completely. Ringworm is highly contagious and it can be transmitted by direct contact with the fungal spores. These can live for up to two years, meaning your cat can catch it from any area an infected animal has visited. Ringworm can be detected by taking a swab of the skin and treatment typically involves using shampoos or other medication to restrict the growth of the fungus.

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