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" He removed his hand from my shirt then rested the velvet-covered box on my stomach. There were soft clicking sounds while he spun the numbers on the lock and when the latch released. He lifted the lid and held up a set of metal handcuffs, putting the box on top of the ottoman. Without a word, he supported my neck to help me sit up, removed my top and bra, and then secured my hands behind my back.

He stared at my chest for a moment before reaching into the box again.

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Inside was a delicate gold chain with a shimmering charm dangling from it: two green leaves of holly and two red berries.

He took the box from me and held it in his palm. "This was supposed to be for tomorrow, but I have a feeling it'll help today. You need a constant reminder that we will handle anything that comes our way.

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"What did Jolie say to you earlier?" Chris was quiet for a few minutes, lightly dragging his fingers up and down my arm which shivered even more from the trickles of water he left behind. Eventually, he sighed. "They had gone to Dirk's place to get the potatoes he'd left in his fridge.

He wanted to run another errand, and then they lost track of time. When they'd returned, the ham had dried out and burnt.

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My voice cracked when I managed to finally speak. "He's you, Chris. Only you. " "Good. " His cock pressed against my pussy.

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When he returned, he turned on the other lamp by my side of the bed. He brushed my hair off my face. "Feeling better?" "Absolutely.

" I kissed him when he lowered his lips to mine, and then I got up again and pulled on fresh pair of panties.

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Chris was singing 'Jingle Bell Rock' in the kitchen. I quietly secured the door and leaned my back against it, sighing and shaking my head.

He'd done it again. Was he like the Grinch's cousin.

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