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Asian values and lee kwan yee

See Article History Asian values, set of values promoted since the late 20th century by some Asian political leaders and intellectuals as a conscious alternative to Western political values such as human rights , democracy , and capitalism. Advocates of Asian values typically claimed that the rapid development of many East Asian economies in the post-World War II period was due to the shared culture of their societies, especially those of Confucian heritage. They also asserted that Western political values were unsuited to East Asia because they fostered excessive individualism and legalism, which threatened to undermine the social order and destroy economic dynamism. Among Asian values that were frequently cited were discipline , hard work, frugality, educational achievement, balancing individual and societal needs, and deference to authority. Asian values and modernity Claims about the benefits of Asian values garnered particular attention in the early s, when they were articulated by prominent political figures such as former Singaporean prime minister Lee Kuan Yew.

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Most Popular Asian Values Countries that join together through multilateral organizations, whether the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or the United Nations, must determine the values required for pursuit of common goals. Yet there is stark contrast between Asian and western values — with Asia generally focused on order and the collective interest and the West traditionally emphasizing democracy and individual rights. A charter on Asian values could provide guidance on a rising China, prevent polarization and reduce hypocrisy of democratic nations failing to respect human rights. A united and thoughtful voice would strengthen Asia.

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Definition[ edit ] Various definitions of Asian values have been put forth. Generally, the phrase alludes to influences by Confucianism [2] p10 — in particular, filial piety or loyalty towards the family, corporation, and nation; the forgoing of personal freedom for the sake of society's stability and prosperity; the pursuit of academic and technological excellence; and, a strong work ethic together with thrift. Proponents of so-called "Asian values", who tend to support Asian-style authoritarian governments, [2] p13 claim these values are more appropriate for the region than Western democracy with its emphasis on individual freedoms. They included: Preference for social harmony; Concern with socio-economic prosperity and the collective well-being of the community; Loyalty and respect towards figures of authority; History[ edit ] Historically, there has been no shared "Asian" identity, and the concept of unified geographical regional identity at the time of its popularity in the 20th century was not strictly limited to Asia.

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Professor Sen is uniquely qualified to accept the challenge, and I thank him for doing so. To read the full introduction, download the PDF at the bottom of this document. In , just when the Declaration of Independence was being adopted in this country, Thomas Paine complained, in Common Sense, that Asia had "long expelled" freedom. In this lament, Paine saw Asia in company with much of the rest of the world America, he hoped, would be different.

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When the Asian financial crisis of blunted the so-called "Asian Economic Miracle," critics—many Westerners, but also Asians tired of the tendentious claims of their cultural elites—bid good riddance to the end of "Asian values. But have they? Or, more accurately, did they disappear altogether or lay dormant, awaiting an opportune moment to make their reappearance? Daniel Vukovich has gone as far as to say that, "The by now defunct discourse of 'Asian values' was mostly a Singaporean creation; it was also more a sustained media event than a significant cultural marker. As Kausikan mused, "The notion of Asia that arose in the early s was entangled with and indeed can hardly be distinguished from, the debate over Asian values that not coincidentally, arose at the same time.

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