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Chinese furniture comprises of unique designs that are presented in a wide variety of furniture forms that are distinguished by its wood finishing, ornate designs and Chinese classical flair. While very few examples of Chinese antique furniture exist today, Decor8 presents a unique historical collection of contemporary Chinese furniture inspired by Chinese antique furniture design. In these contemporary reproductions of historically inspired designs, Chinese aesthetics are preserved through the uses of materiality or detailing. The most prominent dynasty that is now widely recognised for their Chinese antique furniture design began with the Tang Dynasty during the period AD. During the Tang Dynasty, we began to see notable achievements in Chinese antique chair design including the round and yoke back of chairs generally used by Chinese elites.

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Check out our Chinese antique collection, carefully selected pieces to bring affordable classic elegance to your living space. The endearing styles of antique furniture last through generations, definitely a heritage to be passed down to generations to come. We stock both reproduction pieces as well restored antique pieces. Look out for our reproduction pieces that are painted with vibrant novel colours, to create vivacious fusion furniture.

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Our advice Buying Guide Asian furniture can be simple and practical or elegant and ornate. The hardware stands out as rich and oversized, a sign of traditional Korean majesty. Other Zen-like hardware is basic to keep with a natural look. Glass - Glass fronts can be found behind crafted hand cut wood designs that symbolize classic oriental style. Hidden shelves may also be made of quality glass for storage.

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