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I love bottoming, and am not using condoms for anal sex. And I have anal warts. For a bit of context: I come from California and live in Berlin, Germany. I am a gay man in my mids, love to bottom, and have been taking PrEP for the last two years.

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Severe case of external genital warts on a female Severe case of genital warts on a male Small condylomata on scrotum Genital warts may occur singly but are more often found in clusters. They can also occur on internal surfaces like the opening to the urethra , inside the vagina, on the cervix , or in the anus. In some cases they look like small stalks. They may be hard " keratinized " or soft.

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He or she may perform an exam of the anal canal with a small, lighted scope anoscopy to see if there are any warts inside the anal canal internal anal warts. Left untreated, warts may lead to an increased risk of anal cancer in the affected area. Internal anal warts may not respond to topical medications, so surgery may be required. Treatment options include: Topical medication: These creams usually work best if the warts are very small and located only on the skin around the anus.

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Most cases of genital warts are caused by HPV. There are 30 to 40 strains of HPV that specifically affect the genitals, but just a few of these strains cause genital warts. In fact, in most cases, the virus goes away on its own without causing any health problems. Genital warts are usually caused by strains of HPV that differ from the strains that cause warts on your hands or other parts of the body. Any sexually active person is at risk of getting HPV.

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Thus, persons with external anal warts might benefit from an inspection of the anal canal by digital examination, standard anoscopy, or high-resolution anoscopy. Imiquimod is a patient-applied, topically active immune enhancer that stimulates production of interferon and other cytokines. Similarly, imiquimod 3. With either formulation, the treatment area should be washed with soap and water 6—10 hours after the application. A small number of case reports demonstrate an association between treatment with imiquimod cream and worsened inflammatory or autoimmune skin diseases e.

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Read now Diagnosis Healthcare professionals usually diagnose genital warts with a physical examination. To see the warts better, they may use a colposcope or apply a vinegar solution to the genital area, if the warts are not visible to the naked eye. A healthcare professional may also take a small sample of a visible wart and send it for analysis. This testing can help confirm the diagnosis.

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Outlook Genital warts are contagious, fleshy growths in the genital or anal area. They are one of the most common types of sexually transmitted infection. They are also known as venereal warts or condylomata acuminata. Genital warts consist of fibrous overgrowths covered by a thickened, outer layer.

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Back to Health A to Z Genital warts Genital warts is a common sexually transmitted infection STI passed on through vaginal, anal and, rarely, oral sex. Treatment from a sexual health clinic can help them go away. Non-urgent advice: Go to a sexual health clinic if you have: 1 or more painless growths or lumps around your vagina, penis or anus itching or bleeding from your genitals or anus a change to your normal flow of pee for example, sideways that does not go away a sexual partner who has genital warts, even if you have no symptoms You could have genital warts. Go if you have 1 or more of these symptoms so you can find the cause.

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