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"I just wish you'd talked to me about it first so I had been prepared. I'm still in a little bit of shock about how you handled the JolieDirk situation. That and your revelation. " "Huh?" I scrunched up my nose and tried to think about what he could be referring to. "Who's this man you love that you wanted to spend your favorite meal with?" Heat spread across my cheeks as though he'd flipped a switch.

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She's the one who insisted I pay restitution. " "That's why she wanted to talk," I said more to myself than Dirk. He nodded. "Partly. " "Why now?" Chris's voice was tinged with anger.

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We both looked up to see Dirk standing there. I started to pull away, but Chris tightened his arms and whispered in my ear to relax. Then he released me. "Where's Jolie?" My voice was no longer shaky, but the same couldn't be said for my knees. I gripped the edge of the island's countertop with my left hand.

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Then he pinched and twisted my nipples, making me gasp. "Does he know you like it hard and rough sometimes?" My arms and head seemed frozen. I watched him lick his lips, the dimple teasing me as it peeked out and vanished. His hands were on the move again and grabbed my hips, dragging me forward.

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