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Half-white, half-Asian, but no less Irish Dean Van Nguyen Saturday, August 15, Half white, half Asian Dubliner Dean Van Nguyen speaks to other mixed-race Irish people in their twenties and thirties about growing up in a primarily white culture, being subjected to racist taunts, and coming to terms with their own sense of self. Who am I? When it comes to self-concept, there are some obvious factors that we know from an early age just by examining our circumstances. For generations of people born in Ireland, many of the key questions seemed pre-answered: You were Irish.

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On this particular work day, it prompted musings and a discourse over our mixed bag of heritage. My childhood was as American as they come. Picket fences, apple pies cooled on the counter, not the sill. Sitcom and toy indulgences, jean shorts cut high and frayed.

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That party. it was the end of what I had thought was a perfect match. There's no nice way to put this. You were a rebound fuck, Dirk. If you hadn't walked by, it would have been someone else.

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I knew it wouldn't be long now. He held my head down suddenly, making me gag. "Fuck. Fuck.

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"They had gone to Dirk's place to get the potatoes he'd left in his fridge. He wanted to run another errand, and then they lost track of time. When they'd returned, the ham had dried out and burnt. Probably not enough water andor they'd glazed it too early. Anyway, it was too late to save it.

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He retrieved something else from the box. For several long seconds, he just held his fist up, apparently making sure my eyes were on it. Suddenly, he loosened his grip, and a narrow chain fell tinkling down with two tiny rubber-tipped clamps swinging back and forth over my chest.

"Does he like to tease you, Holly. This guy you love?" I sucked in my breath with a strangled wheeze.

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"Mine. Both. I don't know. " "I've told you before.

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"I'm sorry, honey. Please understand, I was a different guy back then. Still searching for my identity. Fresh out of college and looking to rebel from my proper upbringing, I went overboard.

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He'd even wagered he could get more completed than me, so it made the hours go by a little faster. A little friendly competition was good for the soul, he said. I'd seen at least three movies where a guy introduced the girl he was interested in to his job flinging fish.

Of course, she enjoyed it despite her doubts. There was some kooky flirting against a backdrop of lively music, and then they ended up making out while the sun rose, despite the fact that the two of them would have been smelling like a chum bucket if it had been happening in reality.

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Her daughter?" Chris burst out laughing, holding his sides. "If you could see the look on your face right now, Holly!" My chest was heaving. "What. Why is this funny?" He reached out and grasped my hand.

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