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Goldin was born in Washington, D. Goldin's father worked in broadcasting and served as the chief economist for the Federal Communications Commission. I was very close to my sister and aware of some of the forces that led her to choose suicide. I saw the role that her sexuality and its repression played in her destruction. Because of the times, the early sixties, women who were angry and sexual were frightening, outside the range of acceptable behavior, beyond control.

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To Goldin's delight, it startles me. She hugs it as if to prove it is indeed a stuffed creature, then carries it over to a tall corner window — "It likes the light" — from where it can intrigue those passing beneath her third-floor window in Brooklyn. As metaphors go, the coyote is a good one for one of the most celebrated and controversial photographers of our time. Goldin is an outsider by instinct and nocturnal by nature, someone who lives on the edge of society by her own rules. She made her name in the s, visually recording with an unflinching eye her own wayward life, and the often dissolute lives of her circle of friends, which included addicts, hustlers, transvestites and prostitutes.

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Having run away from home in her early teens, before being fostered by several families, Goldin did everything in her power to run away from the respectable world, her parents and the Jewish household she was brought up in. It was in school that she tried her hand at photography, before putting on her first show in Boston in While photography offered her a pathway — on which she progressed before graduating from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Tufts University with a degree in fine arts in — Goldin was using heroin by her late teens. This was in , when teenage suicide was a taboo subject. I was very close to my sister and aware of some of the forces that led her to choose suicide.

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The Hug, New York City. Silver dye bleach print, printed The Museum of Modern Art. It chronicles the personal lives of the artist, her friends, and lovers—a young, gorgeous, and tragic group that reveled in the hedonist lifestyle in the s and s in downtown New York City. Flush with rich color, her pictures of desire and ecstasy are punctuated by depression, addiction, illness, and death brought on by dysfunctional relationships, emotional and physical abuse, drug addiction, and AIDS.

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Angie Kordic Passionate about art, frequent visitor of exhibitions, Widewalls photography specialist and Editor-in-Chief. Today, women are securing a more equal place on the contemporary art scene slowly but surely, and it goes without saying that women also helped shape art history and that their contribution to all spheres of creativity is priceless. While female photographers are definitely outnumbered by their male colleagues, it was extremely hard to narrow them down to only ten, because it seems unfair to leave out many great talents. They were present since the earliest day of the medium and it seems like each decade gave birth to another groundbreaking female image-taker along the way.

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