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Angry asian parents 2

Updated Dec 14, I am 35 this year. I was born in Shanghai and my parents migrated here when I was 7. For two years I lived with my Grandma. I moved to Australia where my parents settled 2 years later. United with my parents I was hopeful of a happy family but things soon changed.

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I am one those first generation immigrant parents and always search for ways to help my kids move forward. I would be very interested in learning a bit more about how you grow up and how you got to MIT and Stanford without much push from your parents. I have to say you did not do too bad. I understood completely when you saw some parents scrutinized your article for the secret for getting into MIT. I had plenty of that, with my parents' friends who would drive miles and pay special visits to this "high-achiever" kid who got into "such and such school".

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Answered Jun 17, Many Asian parents are themselves successful examples of the rags-to-riches race from a few decades ago through now. They have risked everything, including temporarily abandoning their own families, to try to make it big. Nowadays, many Asian countries have First-World cities. Many now live quite comfortable lives and can settle down, and start the families their parents and grandparents could not afford.

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Understanding and dealing with overbearing Asian parents December perspective of a Ph. I then encourage kids growing up under these overbearing parents to try to understand why their parents feel so strongly about such issues, and then try to accept them for who they are rather than rebelling against or trying to change them. This article is for young kids and teenagers growing up in a household with overbearing Asian parents, the sort that I describe in my Attention: Overbearing Asian Parents article. In the three years since writing that article, I've received lots of email responses and discussion forum messages from the perspective of young adults who have been oppressed by their parents. This article attempts to explore the other perspective—the parents' motivations and feelings—to help kids better understand and deal with their own parents.

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