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Just like where I'd seen Chris last year. The Culligan Man was nowhere in sight, thankfully. One run-in had been enough.

The morning was just a constant repetition of trying to be a better salesperson than Chris.

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Amazing. " Licking my lips, I crawled back up beside him. "Good. " He kissed me and hugged me tight then tucked my head under his chin while he stroked my hair.

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His cock barely moved it was so hard. "Does this man. ," he licked his lips, "make you scream when he fucks you?" I held my breath, anticipating him sliding into me. Making what he'd just said actually happen. But he continued to kneel there, his eyes burning into mine.

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And then we were moaning together, his hands fondling my breasts while my arms hung limply over his at my sides and he bounced me on his lap.

Fucking me from behind and under me. I came again on his command, barely grunting acknowledgement at his multiple requests if I was okay. I was still shaking and mumbling when he dislodged himself from my body and laid me down, caressing my face and hair.

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But they always put food on the table, kept a roof over my head, and paid the bills. I was lucky I'd found this apartment so cheap. I saved up everything I earned those last three years of college. The Bradleys wouldn't let me pay for anything.

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"Don't cry. " "You'd cry, too, if it was Christmas and you were missing out on a turkey dinner the way you'd always had it. For the second time!" I let loose of the tears now, wetting the pillow.

He rubbed my back. "Honey, it's not that bad.

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