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Fearing to even leak out. I'd compromised to the moon and back. Made excuses for why I let them get away with what they had. But seeing my Thanksgiving dinner eliminated and its replacement completely ruined, the people responsible for it intentionally MIA. That sent my emotions boiling over.

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"This past year must have been horrible for you with me always hanging around. I can't imagine. " He stared at the floor and cleared his throat. "You have no reason to believe I'm being sincere. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't.

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I licked around the crown, teasing at the entrance and exit of his jewelry while my left thumb stroked gently at his base. That sent his cock twitching. Gently sucking on the crown, I ran the pad of my right thumb up and down the ridge of imbedded rods on the underside of his cock. "Shit!" Chris gripped my hair tighter.

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Braving the path alone and pressing on because he had faith that it would all be worth it some day. My eyes fluttered open at his fingertips brushing against my forehead. When I looked at him again, he was worrying his lower lip. I swallowed and blinked away my unshed tears, smiling at him. "It's okay, Chris.

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I was referred to a guy who worked with Dominants. Trained them. And he lived less than an hour away in one of the suburbs. When I first met him, he had his basement all set up for meetings. They were nothing like the ones I was used to going to here.

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