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Go to permalink The winners of the fourth UK Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition were announced yesterday—and boy are there some gems amongst them. Organized by the Royal Observatory, the contest generates stiff competition, so it's no wonder that the overall winner—pictured above—is absolutely breathtaking. It shows the M51 galaxy, which is often referred to as the Whirlpool because it's the archetypal spiral galaxy. It's been studied, sketched and photographed for centuries—but photographer Martin Pugh managed to take advantage of exceptionally stable atmospheric conditions to capture one of the most clear images of it to date.

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These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel This story is published in collaboration with High Country News. A car wreck found at the bottom of a lake brought the search for a missing young mother to an end. But why was it a volunteer team behind the discovery, and not the police? It was a remote entrance to the water on the northern edge of the Fort Berthold Reservation in North Dakota - not much more than a rickety dock at the end of an uneven gravel road.

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No; however, this image of three exoplanets required just 1. These particular exoplanets orbit the star HR , and have been imaged directly before, by one of the meter foot Keck telescopes and the 8. So how did Gene Serabyn and colleagues manage the trick of taking the image above, using just a 1. Infrared observations of a multi-exoplanet star system HR Keck Observatory They did it by working in the near infrared, and by combining two techniques — adaptive optics and a coronagraph — to minimize the glare from the star and reveal the dim glow of the much fainter planets.

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Beta Pictoris and the protoplanetary disc of debris and dust that is orbiting the star is This is a very young system thought to be only around 12 million years old and astronomers think this is essentially how our own Solar System must have formed some 4. The disc is seen edge-on from our perspective and appears in professional images as thin wedges or lines protruding radially from the central star in opposite directions. Images of the disc taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, and from big observatories, are usually made by physically blocking out the glare of Beta Pictoris itself within the optical path. The two images are subtracted from each other to eliminate the stellar glare, and the dust disc should then hopefully reveal itself.

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