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After all, it seems the best-looking people are cops. That goes for both male and female police officers. Female cops are less likely to let themselves go; from the moment they are rookies until they retire from the force, they are hot and sexy. Lucky for you, we have collected pictures of sexy and hot female cops, just for your viewing pleasure.

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WTHR - The Florida police officers made the internet swoon with their good looks have some competition. After three officers from the Gainesville Police Department went viral with a photo on their department's Facebook page, other departments followed in what became known as the "Hot Cop Challenge" on social media. But Friday, five officers from the Coral Springs Police Department showed that it's not just male officers that can get the clicks. The women, who came from the department's training unit, SWAT, Strategic Enforcement Team, Road Patrol and Youth Liaison Unit, say they got "many requests" to take a photo of their own and wanted to show there are strong females protecting residents, too. They are every bit as capable of protecting and serving this community with the same strength, dedication and compassion," a Facebook post said.

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" He stared at the floor and cleared his throat. "You have no reason to believe I'm being sincere. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. Fucking up like I did. I wouldn't believe me, either.

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His left hand played with my hair while his right lightly stroked my pussy through my jeans. His tongue echoed the motions above. It was agonizing. I loved it. "Does he cause you to make sounds like I do?" He moved his right hand underneath my top and slowly slid it up and down my side from my waist to the bottom of my bra then back.

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Then I repeated the process by pressing my lips to each ball and the skin covering each bar. Jaw clenched and eyes bright, he swallowed hard three times, his Adam's apple bouncing like a buoy on the water. His fingers twisted tighter in my hair. He even seemed to scoot down further, moving toward me. I grinned before going back to flick my tongue at the tip of his cock a couple of times.

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And then I felt him lean forward. I managed to part my eyelids enough to see him grab something out of the black box. I didn't keep much else in there and couldn't remember what was left.

We'd only used the contents a couple of times while watching a movie due to my roommate always being here. Chris was taking advantage of our opportunity, for sure.

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I gasped when two of his fingers spread my outer lips and his middle finger slid between them, circling at my clit. When fingers on his left hand pinched my nipple and twisted it in time with the actions of his right-handed fingers. But it wasn't until he ground his hard-on against my ass that I reached back and gripped the sides of his pants, my knees buckling. He stilled. "Hands, Holly.

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I appreciated him even more for it. "I received a letter last week. " He bunched up his empty wrapper and played with the plastic lid from his cup, his eyes on the table. "Someone I knew while I was in college reached out with. an offer.

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No more skirting around the issue with Dirk. I needed to lay out the truth and put down an ultimatum. Jolie and I had been friends for longer than we'd been roommates.

She'd been the first person I'd thought of when I knew I'd have to get someone to share an apartment.

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" "Do you mean my wedding. You will be my maid of honor, won't you?" Had my roommate always been so self-centered. I turned slightly so I could see her, somehow restraining from shaking my head. "Jolie, sweetie, you and I have been friends for years.

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Since last year, I'd been asked to do the bookkeeping as well. Then this summer, I started filling in for the morning aerobics classes when the instructor was out sick or on vacation. I'd gained more responsibility but not more time to do it in. and not more compensation.

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