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He stilled. "Hands, Holly. " Swallowing hard, I raised shaky arms until my hands were behind my head. I linked my fingers together and tilted my chin down. Eyes closed, I took in several deep inhales and long exhales.

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Discreet but still plenty of room for. necessities. "This guy. does he know about your secret toy box.

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"What's wrong?" "Shh. " He brought my left hand above my head and held it there with his, kissing me harder, my head pressing into the pillow now. "Chris!" I wiggled under him, my right palm futilely pushing between us on his chest.

In the distance, I heard the front door shut loudly. "What-" "Getting mad won't change anything, honey.

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Pete 'The Plow. ' I always thought it was because of how well he played football. I didn't find out till later that he got his nickname from clearing snow with his dad every winter.

He took over the physical labor part of his dad's landscaping business when his old man retired. Pete has run it all ever since.

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I'd had no intention of. " "Seducing?" "Okay, yes, seducing you. I only wanted to bring you home where I knew you'd be comfortable. But once we were there. God, woman, do you know what a temptation you are just being in the same room with me.

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" "I support you, no matter what your decision. But thank you for asking. " "Mmm. You are amazing. " He kissed me.

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