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The Arizona artist was using Kickstarter to fund a book project; she hoped to publish a volume of images showing the natural beauty of mothers' nude and semi-nude bodies. Her crowdfunding campaign was extremely successful -- raising nearly three times its goal amount -- and now, the book is here. The date is fitting, since so much of Beall's work documents how women who give birth come to accept, appreciate and love the body changes associated with nine months of carrying a child. In the introduction, Beall recounts a history of discomfort with her own appearance -- and explains how, after much soul-searching, pregnancy ultimately helped her see her body through fonder eyes.

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Sep 18, Getty Images Pregnancy for women signals change. Big change, not only to your life and your priorities, but also to your body. And for some women, this can lead to insecurities about stretch marks that weren't there before, or boobs that might not be quite as perky as they were previously. So when we dug out this Reddit feed asking men what they thought of their partner's evolving bodies while pregnant, we were instantly curious to see what they thought from an outside point of view.

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Well, these changes are natural. Every woman has a different hormonal cycle and so is their pregnancy. But if you have doubts that you might not be one of those, then here is our expert guide for you to follow in your nine months, for a healthy and beautiful phase of your life. As we know a sound mind and body enhances beauty, so to ease your worry we have compiled 10 effective ways to help you enjoy your beauty during your special phase of life. Sponsored 1.

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You can expect everything from varicose veins to dark spots and even acne to pop up during your nine months of pregnancy. But there are some positives, too. The surge in hormones can change the way your hair and skin look, giving you fuller lips, a visible glow, and thicker hair. Your skin may glow and appear healthier. The glow comes from an increase in blood volume, estrogen, and progesterone.

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All Rights Reserved. Content provided on this site is for entertainment or informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical or health, safety, legal or financial advice. Click here for additional information. But here goes anyway : Pregnant women, you are beautiful, you are sexy, and all men know it.

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Beautiful pregnant woman body