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Japanese Baby With Famously Incredible Hair Is Now a Pantene Model Baby Chanco gets the ad deal she deserves By Tim Nudd on Jan 09 - pm facebook In the most adorable and least surprising advertising news of the week, a month-old Japanese baby whose incredible hair has made her a global Instagram star is now going to work for Pantene. The girl, known to consumers of viral Internet content as Baby Chanco, became famous when her mother started posting pics of her to Instagram when she was just a few months old. Before long, she was featured in People magazine —and now has more than , Instagram followers. The People story suggested Pantene should hire the girl as a model.

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Pinterest Today, your dose of happiness is coming courtesy of a seven-month-old baby with a next-level head of hair. Meet Baby Chanco, an infant who hasn't yet lived a full year on this earth but already has , Instagram followers. If you spend enough time on the Instagram Explore feed, you may have already seen Baby Chanco , a baby with super luxurious hair. It takes most babies months to start sprouting their first hairs, but Baby Chanco was born in Japan in December with a full mane.

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The longer he stroked, the louder the noises were that trickled past my lips. "Yes, honey. Just like that. " I was concentrating so much on his face and the movements of his fingers dancing over my skin that I didn't realize he'd scooted the storage ottoman closer. I turned my head at the squeak of the lid's hinges.

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Any of it. Chris, it's breaking my heart!" He just blinked, the lamp behind me illuminating his face. He was the one to look away now. After a deep sigh, he was staring in my eyes again. Then he was rolling me onto my back.

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Then I was whimpering while he plied my mouth with his, his hands alternating between warming my cheeks and holding me to him. The only thought that remained in my head was that I cared he was back.

After what seemed like a long time, he whispered, "God, I've missed you so much. " I just held him tighter, nuzzling under his chin. When I still shivered due to the common area heat not being turned on yet, he ushered me down the hall.

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" Chris raised his eyebrows. We hadn't discussed what I was going to say next. I prayed he would be on board. If not.

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"Is that an agreement. Dissention. Because if you fucking say you're Switzerland. " I felt more than heard the soft chuckle beneath me. Then there was a deep sigh.

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"Honestly, Holly, the specific details of that night were and still are a blur. I know we were both drunk. We had a good time. I was late for work the next morning and left in a rush.

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