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Lisa Creech Bledsoe December 18, at am Hey, Blake, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. And I hear your frustration loud and clear. Every boxer has been in the ring or just watched from the bleachers and been shocked at whose arm was raised. Boxing is far more complex than football or soccer or other sports where the outcome is determined by much simpler means.

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Read more about sharing. Sikh fighter Karam Singh left , in the ring with trainer Wayne Elcock, can't wait to pursue his amateur boxing dream now the ban on beards has been lifted Bearded amateur boxers in England will be allowed to compete without having to remove their facial hair after the governing body agreed to abolish a long-standing rule. Previously, fighters were required to be clean shaven, partly so that cuts to the face could be seen. Sikh and Muslim groups had been campaigning for a change in the rules.

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" I choked back a cry. "You doubted my loyalty?" "Never, honey. It's just such a fucking turn-on to see you react when I push your buttons. " As if to emphasize his comment, he pressed a little harder, the tip of his cock nudging at my entrance now.

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Turns out, I'd already been three weeks pregnant when I'd kicked Jolie out and Chris and I had broken in my new couch. I'd conceived right around Halloween. After that office visit, I'd thought it fitting to have something good to remember the holiday for instead of messing up with Dirk.

With today's confirming test results, that was no longer true. Life kept dealing me blows.

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Then he was rolling me onto my back. Climbing on top of me, his hands in my hair. His lips gently brushed mine.

Over and over again.

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Every day since. Feeling his arms contract and expand around me as I unloaded. "I'm a coward," I finished, trying to turn onto my side without sloshing too much water onto the floor. Chris just hummed against my hair, his arms adjusting to hold me in my new position.

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" He leaned down and captured my other nipple in his mouth, this time swirling his tongue around it and sucking with his lips. My back arched up with my gasp, and he moaned against my skin.

I was still panting when he moved his mouth to kiss me in the valley between my breasts. And when he continued to speak while placing soft kisses all over my breasts, using his free hand to push up the flesh.

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" "Shh, don't cry. " He gave me a second kiss, wiped his thumb over each of my lower lids, and then threaded his fingers through mine before opening the door. Back at his place with full bellies, we sat on the couch and watched a classic Christmas movie on TV. Halfway through, I retrieved a glass of water and knelt at his feet, sitting back on my heels.

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Then he played with my asshole again. Pressed in with one finger. "Chris!" My cry came out garbled when I pressed my face into the pillow. Beneath him, my body continued shaking from my sudden release.

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" How I kept my voice even, I have no idea. Maybe it was Chris's presence, which was more evident as he'd slid his arm around under my breasts and lightly grasped my left side as soon as Dirk had stepped forward. "I know that now.

" Dirk glanced at Jolie then back at me. "After I proposed, I suggested that maybe we should elope.

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They each had an agenda. a plan. But what was my plan. Not here at the mall, but in life. I'd overheard my boss on the phone Tuesday telling someone that he was going to offer a couple of employees a promotion to fulltime after the holiday.

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